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Beneficiary Planning

Where are your assets going to end up?

Are you sure?

Are all of your beneficiary designations current?

The Importance of Naming a Beneficiary

The omission of a beneficiary may cause unnecessary probate costs and serious delays in the distribution of your assets. Most people have a good idea of who they want to name as beneficiaries but, often, they are not kept up to date with their intentions. Marital changes and changes to your family status may require a change to your beneficiary designations. If no contingent beneficiary is named and the primary beneficiary predeceases you, then payments would likely be made to your estate creating unnecessary delays and expenses.

Getting Started

A beneficiary review is an easy yet vital process. The first step is to identify your insurance, retirement plans, Ira’s, real estate, and other assets to determine how they will be distributed upon your death.
With a beneficiary review, we can help you identify potential problems and suggest ways to solve them.

Next Steps:
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