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Getting Started Guide

Initial Consultation

It all begins with you…

We want to be aware of your unique needs, concerns, and questions. We provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to learn about your goals and to determine a plan of action for proceeding. Whenever possible, we prefer to meet in person with all parties involved. When scheduling challenges preclude this, we will be happy to start with a phone conference.

  • Experience: with over 25 years of service, we can be trusted for long-term commitment
  • Competence: an independent firm with access to the best information and technology, we can maximize your options to create the plan that best fits some of your unique needs
  • Compassion: we genuinely care about our clients; this care allows us to create relationships that last a lifetime and transcend generations

Family Tree

Ultimately, it’s about people.

We manage your wealth because we care about people. A key process for us is determining who it is we are actually planning for. You and your spouse, children and grandchildren, a church or charity, a business or family foundation—whatever the case may be, our experience will help you map the plan and take the steps to achieve it. We can help you navigate delicate needs or special concerns for dependent family members and special situations confidentially and professionally.

Supporting Documentation

To provide you with the best plan of action, we need complete information.

This includes supporting documentation such as personal and business tax returns, current employee benefit statements, current personal banking and investment statements, company retirement plans, company pension benefits, a current balance sheet showing assets and liabilities, life insurance policies personal and business, and legal documents such as buy sell agreements, deferred compensation agreements, Last Will and Testaments, Guardianship, Powers of Attorney or Trust documents for review prior to making any recommendations.

To assist you, a checklist will be provided.

Plan of Action

To succeed in a long term partnership, a commitment—both of finances and of time—is necessary. After the initial consultation, a letter of intent will be provided. The letter will outline the process and cost of preparing your customized plan.

Analysis and Implementation

After completing the discovery process and compiling the documentation, we begin a thorough analysis. A key component of this phase includes client meetings and phone calls. Because we tailor the plan for your specific situation, understanding your goals and needs is an essential component in the process.

Follow up and Tracking your progress

Because we understand the fluid nature of life and of circumstances, we take a proactive approach. Follow-up meetings will be scheduled to track your progress—to minimize the tragedies and to maximize the windfalls.

The process is straightforward: you select a follow-up schedule that best fits your specific situation; we tailor our services to meet those ongoing needs.

We make it our ambition to excel in all aspects of the wealth management process.

  • We assist our clients in establishing their goals, objectives, and timelines
  • We provide comprehensive, independent, financial advice tailored to your specific situation
  • We establish a long term relationship with you to monitor and track your progress
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