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Optimum Market Portfolios

Ready to get started Investing? Consider the OMP Platform

Optimum Market Portfolios

The Optimum Market Portfolios (OMP) platform provides a “Strategic Asset Management” resource to help you through:

  • Diversified asset allocation models
  • Professional money management
  • Automatic rebalancing
  • OMP is powered by the Optimum Funds – a series of mutual funds from Delaware Investments. As the Optimum Funds’ investment manager, Delaware Management Company, a series of Delaware Management Business Trust, has overall responsibility for the Investment management of the Funds within the Optimum Market Portfolios, which includes recommending the Funds’ sub-advisers and evaluating and monitoring each Fund and sub-advisor.
  • Each asset class within a portfolio is represented by one of the Optimum Funds with each fund designed to utilize at least two sub-advisors per fund for optimal diversification
  • Each sub-advisor undergoes extensive review and screening by LPL Financial Research
  • There are five standard asset allocation models, from aggressive growth to income with capital preservation
  • Investment tilts provide you a choice among of 15 different strategic models rebalanced at the frequency you select – or – 9 dynamic models tactically managed and rebalanced when deemed appropriate by LPL

Financial Research

  • OMP advisory accounts invest only in Class I shares, which do not contain any sales charges, commissions or 12b-1 fees, providing you the flexibility to a fee that you and your investment advisor determine to be appropriate.
  • OMP provides a great platform to get started with and build on as your investment portfolio accumulatesRequest a Free Consultation
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