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Fee Based Asset Management

Fee Based Asset Management through LPL Financial

Optimum Market Portfolios

The Optimum Market Portfolios (OMP) platform provides a “Strategic Asset Management” resource to help you through:

  • Diversified asset allocation models
  • Professional money management
  • Automatic rebalancing

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Model Wealth Portfolios

Model Wealth Portfolios offers theme-based investment portfolios for a broad range of investor preferences, from income- focused portfolios to more aggressive wealth building portfolios. Each portfolio benefits from the combination of professionally designed asset allocation strategies and disciplined mutual fund and ETF selections. Learn More

Personal Wealth Portfolios

Personal Wealth Portfolios, a centrally managed fee-based platform available through LPL Financial, provides the framework to deliver sophisticated investment strategies for our high-net-worth clients in an efficient way. The portfolios benefit from leveraging the expertise and resources of LPL Financial Research, which constructs asset allocation models, selects quality managers and provides ongoing due diligence and monitoring. Learn More

Open Architecture

Manager Select is our separate account platform offering high-net-worth investors the ability to access professional, institutional portfolio managers at significantly lower account minimums. You can choose from more than 140 managers and nearly 415 investment styles, including equity, fixed income, balanced, international, ETF, REIT and socially responsible portfolios.
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