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Fee Based Planning

Fee Based Planning through LPL Financial

Mid America Wealth Management’s Fee Based Planning Packages

The packages below are customized to fit your needs as an individual. Our mission at Mid America is to Focus on you. These fees are all one time fees unless stated otherwise.

We Prioritize Communication: Please contact us to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

The establishment of a written Financial Plan or course of action and implementation of a strategy which will help you work towards the accomplishment of your financial goals and objectives. Plans will vary among individuals and the importance of a plan which means financial success and security.

Custom Planning Package$1,995.00 to $9,995.00

Taking a comprehensive look at all of the pieces to the puzzle to see how they fit, where the gaps are, and where there is potential exposure, is perhaps the best way to address your situation. You may have been waiting until the right time and now realize this is the right time to make sure your financial, retirement, and estate plans are in order. Meeting with your tax and legal advisors are part of this package. We feel this is the best way to integrate your plans and make sure that everything is in order and that your advisors are working together as a team for your benefit. Your Initial half hour consultation is at no charge. A series of 8 meetings to gather information, discuss your concerns, layout a plan of action and to implement your plans, meetings with your tax and legal advisors and ultimately a schedule of follow up meetings to track your progress will be needed. Request More Information

Eagle Vision Account Access

All of our clients who have selected the Custom Planning package will have access to Eagle Vision Account Access a centralized location for up to date financial information about your accounts invested with us along with other information which you may authorize and input such as your home, home mortgage, other outside accounts such as your checking, savings, investment accounts, 401(k), etc. Request More Information

Mini Consulting Package$495.00

Perhaps you have one specific area of concern. If this is the case we would suggest the Mini Consulting Package as a great way to focus on and address your concerns without the distractions from other areas. This may involve an education plan or a 401k rollover from a previous employer or any topic you would like to discuss. Request More Information

Follow Up Planning

Ok, you have implemented your plans, now what? You should continue to meet each year and chart the progress you are making towards accomplishing your goals and objectives. We are more than happy to meet with you and help you throughout the year following the implementation of your plan.

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