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Personal Wealth Portfolios

Personal Wealth Portfolios, a centrally managed fee-based platform available through LPL Financial, provides the framework to deliver sophisticated investment strategies for our high-net-worth clients in an efficient way. The portfolios benefit from leveraging the expertise and resources of LPL Financial Research, which constructs asset allocation models, selects quality managers and provides ongoing due diligence and monitoring. The Overlay Portfolio Management Group uses state-of-the-art technological monitoring, rebalancing and tax management services to ensure the portfolio remains in line with the chosen investment.


Personal Wealth Portfolios delivers separately managed accounts, mutual funds and exchange-traded products in a single, easy-to-implement account. The result is a one statement consolidated performance report, for your all-inclusive fee.

LPL Financial Research

LPL Financial Research constructs asset allocation models and selects separate account, mutual fund and exchange-traded products managers for you to choose from within each asset class. Research analyzes investments and classifies them as conservative, moderate or aggressive in relation to their peer group to help you determine the optimal combination of managers for your portfolio.

Asset Allocation Models

Personal Wealth Portfolios offers a variety of models, with a strategic only or strategic and tactical philosophy. You have the flexibility to customize portfolios with a unique combination of conservative, moderate and aggressive investments to address your needs.

Overlay Portfolio Management

At the core of the Personal Wealth Portfolios is a sophisticated overlay portfolio management, which provides access to the following benefits:

  • Tax harvesting
  • Overlap analysis
  • Rebalancing
  • Customization
  • Sector and industry restrictions
  • Social restrictions

Key Client Features and Benefits

  • Diversification by style and asset class
  • Access to industry-leading separate accounts, mutual funds and exchange-traded product managers in the same account
  • Selection and ongoing monitoring of investments by LPL Financial Research
  • Sophisticated portfolio management capabilities including securities customization, tax harvesting and rebalancing

Personal Wealth Portfolios has proven to be a competitive choice to meet the unique needs of high-net- worth clients. Leverage the sophistication of PWP and choices it offers, along with the simplicity of execution.

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