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Manager Select

Manager Select is our separate account platform offering high-net-worth investors the ability to access professional, institutional portfolio managers at significantly lower account minimums. You can choose from more than 140 managers and nearly 415 investment styles, including equity, fixed income, balanced, international, ETF, REIT and socially responsible portfolios.

Manager Select is a total wealth management solution, combining:

  • Investment planning
  • Strategy development
  • Portfolio construction
  • Manager selection
  • Ongoing management
  • Trade execution
  • Performance measurement

Discover the many advantages of Manager Select

LPL Financial Research maintains a comprehensive list of recommended managers. Each manager makes all trading decisions and places trades on behalf of the client.

  • Choose managers whose management style and performance best match your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance
  • Extensive research helps ensure portfolio managers selected are consistent with your desired investment approach
  • Access to institutional portfolio managers provides a higher level of specialization, choice and serviceRequest a Free Consultation
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